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there are a few really cool projects currently going on dealing with bookmarks, but none of them really suite my needs.
i have a computer at work, and one at home, and what i need is something which permits me to share my bookmarks between those two computers.
i don't own a box which can always be online, so i can't really use Bookie (Advanced bookmark management database), and since perl is not installed on windows by default, and i don't want to download it just to use wwwampire, i have to dismiss this project too.
so if you use linux, the above project is a valid alternative.
for the windows users out there, like me, i wrote this little batch file to down/upload my bookmarks from my free ftp server.
so when i add/remove/edit my bookmarks at home, i can upload my bookmarks with a click, and download them with a click when i return to my office (or the other way around).

there are a a few versions of this script on this page now, subitted by different people around the world (i really like oss!). it's really great to receive mails from people who say they like my script, and maybe submit their own version/complete rewrite of it, so here is list of what's online now (just choose the one you like most):

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