20031115 - New booksync version by Daniel Yuan-Chih Lin
today i received a mail from Daniel with a new version of the script. i think it's really cool that people likes what i did and improves it (or rewrites it for another purpose), and that's the spirit of the whole thing. i can't really express my happyness (my bad english :), but the feedback on this page, and Daniels mail today make me really feel happy.
tnx Daniel and anybody else sending feedbeck on this page!
c&p of his mail:

Hi, I like your booksync's idea.
I fixed following problems.
Here is my version wish you could share with other guys.

  • 1. using the mozilla firebird
  • 2. won't copy zero size bookmarks.html when forget upload bookmarks to ftp at first
  • 3. auto upload bookmarks to ftp after first run the booksync3
  • 4. require windows xp ( which has the && syntax and findstr command )
  • 5. clear unused variable at the batch file end
  • 6. reduce environment size

and here is his version. i did't test it yet, so if you find some problems just mail them Daniel or use the form below.

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