20031203 - New booksync version (take 4 :) by Michael Williamson
Michael sent in today this js version of booksync with a few new and cool improvements he made:
c&p of his mail:

I loved your booksync idea, but I was bugged by the 'extra' window. So
I wrote a WSH version of it and added some features.

What's new:
1) Will execute without the extra window or task bar icon.
2) Will also upload user.js and cookperm.txt (local user preferences so
you don't have to keep setting them up on a new Mozilla and the "banned"
cookie sites)
3) arguments for only upload. (just in case :))
4) arguments for upload/download without launching Mozilla.

Windows platform running Windows Scripting Host (Windows 2000 and XP by
default. Can be downloaded for other platforms)

Lots. See the comment in the script for details.
Need to add some of the recent error checking for Booksync3

Let me know if you have any questions.

Michael Williamson

his booksync version can be found here.
for any questions just use the form below.

The booksync project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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